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Otto Canon and Global Leaders Convene at UK House of Lords for Sustainability Summit

Clean Cyclers in collaboration with Sustainability Unscripted and other sustainability partners is ready to host the 3rd Edition of the Global Sustainability Summit at the House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, United Kingdom. The Summit is part of the effort put in place to advance sustainability as a global practice beyond the year 2030.

All hands are on the desk to hold the summit on March 28th, 2024 which will serve as a platform for top visionary experts, African innovators, and decision-makers in various global organizations, corporations, and government agencies. With the theme, ‘Advancing Sustainability: A Journey towards a Greener Future’, they will brainstorm and strategize on the essential adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global Sustainability Summit and Awards 2024 will feature a panel session where issues needing urgent attention such as Renewable Energy Revolution, Sustainable Cities, Circular Economy, Biodiversity Conservation, Green Finance, Sustainable Agriculture, and Climate Justice will be discussed.

The Panel Session will be moderated by Lady Ejiro Gigi Daniel, Professor Nicole Hakim, Imtiaz Hussein, Dr. Roni Savage, and Ann Molin. You can’t afford to miss this!!!

According to the organizers, the summit will also honour and celebrate companies, governments, organizations, and individuals championing the course of sustainability. They’re taking practical scenarios in both the realization and actualization of short-term objectives and long-term goals.

On a further note, the founder of Clean Cyclers, Mr. Canon Otto noted that the summit aims to raise awareness, address global issues with local solutions, strive for social equity and inclusivity, and prioritise climate action and environmental stewardship. It’ll also identify policy pathways for sustainable development. 

He also notes that the theme of this year’s summit, “Advancing Sustainability”, the journey towards a Greener Future acts as a clarion call to action. Additionally, it encompasses the assertion that our present trajectory of resource consumption and environmental degradation is unsustainable.

Mr Canon continues further that “The concept of sustainability embodies a diverse range of practices, policies, and innovations targeted at mitigating climate change, conserving biodiversity, protecting natural resources, and promoting social equity”.

“It’s an event where innovation, dedication, and collective action converge to sculpt a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future where people and the planet can thrive.

Speakers such as H.E Ambassador Professor Olufolake Abdulrazaq, Mustapha Njie, Lord Lain McNicol of West Kilbride, Solange Urdang, and others will talk about how to foster sustainable practices and innovations for a better future.

You shouldn’t miss this. Let’s look forward to a sustainable future together!!!

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