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Be part of the movement to build a planet where people and nature can thrive. multiple campaign, more solutions, bigger results.
About cleancyclers

Sustaining the Future, CleanCyclers Leading the Way

CleanCyclers is a volunteer-driven social enterprise that advocates and takes action to ensure a waste-free environment, clean climate, afforestation, and the practice of recycling; as the most sustainable means of waste management with the sole aim of raising a global community of leaders with a genuine interest in protecting the environment.

Ride the Green Wave: CleanCyclers, Pioneers of Sustainability

People are always at the heart of what we do at CleanCyclers, inspiring us to do more. At CleanCyclers, we aim to be bold and celebrate the extraordinary. We are open to ideas and ultimately down to earth. We are CleanCyclers.


Championing the vision for the Trees and making it relevant.


Facilitating partners to grow their activities.


Stimulating new ideas or developing community viability.


Stimulating new ideas or developing community viability.


We are running multiple campaigns simultaneously from now until 2024. From Battery recycling to the WASH Project, our Sustainability Unscripted Podcast launching soon, and more. Our goal is to raise a community of committed environmental preservation advocates, fundraise from supporters who care, and donate all proceeds to worthy causes.

"Despite the fact that everything feels disposable, CleanCyclers have some creative projects constantly going on. No doubt they are contributing to the global effort to make our environment liveable for everybody."

 Dr. Sodienye Abere, Ph.D. HOD, Dept. of Environment and Forestation, Rivers State University of Science & Technology

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We are leading the charge in creating a sustainable and waste-free environment.

Speak. Save. Sustain

Sustainability Unscripted

Addressing global development issues, raising awareness about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sharing stories of change agents, and inspiring actions for a sustainable world.

Meet Our Team

With a shared vision for a greener tomorrow, our team brings together diverse talents and expertise to champion environmental conservation, climate action, and the practice of recycling.

Otto Canon

Founder & Chief Executive

Sarah Adekola

Finance Executive

Chizoba Nzeakor

Climate & Clean Energy Professional

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