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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for CleanCyclers, where we aim to address your inquiries and provide insights into our mission, activities, and how you can be part of our journey towards a sustainable and waste-free environment. If you have questions that are not covered below, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

CleanCyclers is an international sustainability organization committed
to building a planet where people and nature can thrive. CleanCyclers is
registered under the Laws of England.

Yes, it’s a real annual event. The 2024 Global Sustainability Summit and
Awards is an initiative of CleanCyclers, Reputation Poll, SustainabilityUnscripted,
and other prominent global sustainability and development organizations, with
this year’s theme, “Advancing Sustainability: A Journey Towards a Greener

Thursday, 28th March 2024 and will be taking place at the House of
Lords, Palace of Westminster, United Kingdom.

The event is a distinguished dialogue series designed to capture the
actions being taken by leading visionaries, experts, innovators and change
makers, in relation to sustainability through their corporations, organizations
and government.

hese are personnel or spokespersons under CleanCyclers and
Reputation Poll that represent the Global Sustainability Summit and Awards in
their respective countries. They are responsible for liaising with organizations and institutions regarding nominations, awards as well as liaising
with delegates attending the event

Individuals and organizations that meet the nomination criteria by the
internal and independent nomination committee, are nominated for the awards.

This is a mix of an internal and independent process. We have a
reputable screening and vetting committee that reviews the
individual/organization’s integrity, social impact, visibility, public perception etc.

It's free. Individuals/organizations only pay to make reservations to
attend the Global Sustainability Summit. See more on reservation here.

No. CleanCyclers will not be held responsible for sending awards to
awardees. It is considered an honour to attend the GSSA. All
individuals/organizations are encouraged to participate if they have been
contacted as an awardee. However, only awardees that make prior
arrangements with the awards committee, can have awards sent/couriered to
them, but will have to cover the costs of sending the awards.

The event is both an awards ceremony and summit. This year, GSSA is
just for a day and will start off with the summit and awards will be giving to
awardees right there at the summit.

The GSSA is for leading visionaries, experts, innovators, change makers,
business professionals, investors, companies, governments and organizations. 
However, we welcome change makers and individuals who would really like to
attend the event but are not able to make it to the United Kingdom to register
for our Virtual Participation Opportunity, using this link

The GSSA has Competitive Advantage. It promotes the integrity of
individuals and organizations, puts individuals and organizations on global map,
wide media reach and promotion to over 80 media outlets globally, advert
placement in event brochure/catalogue, display a roll up banner at the event,
certificate of participation and creates a platform to network with top investors
and International VIPs.

Attend Event

Want to participate in the event follow the link and reserve your spot

Vote for Speaker

know someone who deserves to present the Awardees & Speakers

Yes, one of our past events include; 2023 Global Sustainability Summit. The event brought together individuals, organizations and institutions who are
making continental and global impact.

To GSSA’s designated bank account provided in the reservation document or page

CleanCyclers can only assist with visa support letters but cannot facilitate the visa application process for individuals.

After an individual/organization agrees to participate in the summit and awards, the GSSA summit reservations packages are sent to the individual/organization to choose their preferred package option. The document includes banking details for payment of preferred reservation package for GSSA

No. Individuals/Organizations are responsible for their own flight
arrangements. Further details on what packages are available and what is
contained in each package can be found in the reservation information page

Yes, and we can recommend airlines offering special discounts
for round or return trips. We can also assist with flight bookings, but all
these are dependent on the reservation package made by the individual
or organization.

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package they would like, quantities, company details etc., and will issue the
bank with an invoice with a unique invoice number (code).ountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

Once payments are reflecting in GSSA’s bank account and proof of payment is received, individual/organization will be issued with a receipt as proof of GSSA confirmed reservation. Summit agenda/program will also be sent.

If you or your organization/institution received an email from us as an awardee and have made reservations, there is 100 guarantee that you or your
organization/institution will be honored at GSSA with an award.

es, CleanCyclers can only give refunds for monies received prior to the GSSA. However, please note that our account is based in England UK and we will deduct 20% administrative processing fee of all refunds. When making
payments, please ensure correct amount, and verify exchange rates and any charges before proceeding to pay to avoid any inconveniences.

Yes, but terms and conditions apply.

You will be received by GSSA protocol team that will provide further details, directions and assistance.
Please note:
We can only make this type of arrangement if your organization makes prior arrangements with CleanCyclers and provides us with the itinerary for the delegates attending GSSA.
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